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Your own personal producer

Turn your time in Paris into more than just a memory

A high quality service for an unforgettable movie

Share your video of Paris with family and friends

Enjoy your trip to Paris in the years to come

"What gives nobility to a thing is eternity". Leonardo Da Vinci

About us

Who are we?

What better way to capture your trip to Paris than on film?

But, invariably, the person behind the camera never appears on screen. Pre-occupied with immortalizing a moment, they miss out - or abandon filming to join in and then forever regret not having caught the occasion for posterity.

Moreover, too often, when you look at films you have recorded yourself the results are disappointing - shaky camera work, blurred focus or missed opportunities.

Selfies are also great but so differents than a nice movie you will keep for eternity.

Our professional skills and services overcome all these issues, resulting in a great quality film that you will want to share with others, and enjoy watching again and again in the years to come.

What you need is your own personal producer!

Grégory Poulain


My Paris Movie is a French company that specializes in video capture for tourists which proposes a finished film in .mp4 including editing and post- production.

Set up by Gregory Poulain, an enterprising video lover specialized in audiovisual and multimedia, My Paris Movie is an exciting new concept delivered with friendly professionalism.

Photography of Paris City
Trip in Paris with My Paris Movie book your hotel and book your flight to Paris to visit monuments in Paris
Photographer and movie maker for photo and video service in Paris during your trip with My Paris Movie
Memory video of your trip and travel in Paris with myparismovie.com
Visit of Paris and visiting Paris and all the nicest monuments in Paris with My paris Movie


Most tourists who visit Paris do so every year. Perhaps only once or twice in their lifetime. So they want to enjoy their trip as if they will never come back. That is why they deserve to have the best memory ever. Already 30 customers have been seduced by My Paris Movie since December 2012.


What you get

An unequaled realization to get an unforgettable video memory of your trip in Paris.

Courtney & Chris

We hired Gregory from My Paris Movie for our weekend trip to Paris, it was a great decision! We did not have to worry about documenting the monuments ourselves, we just enjoyed the romantic sites around Paris and Gregory did all the work. Each time we watch our video we smile in amazement at all the moments he captured. There were many times we did not realize he was filming, but we are thrilled to have the memories!

Priscilla & Mary-Ann

I love the results of the video from My Paris Movie! Sure it was strange at first to have a cameraman following us around, but soon we forgot he was there and we were free to enjoy the sights naturally. The best part was seeing the footage after returning from the trip. He had captured many fun moments that we had forgotten about and never would have thought to document ourselves. I liked it so much, I have already hired My Paris Movie again for my next trip to Paris!


What do we propose?

You are free to choose how many monuments you want to be filmed with. You can ask for specific requests if you already have your own preferencies.


My Paris Movie is at your disposal to introduce you the company and producer. He could also explain you everything you would like to know.


Our producer can meet you once you are in Paris to introduce My Paris Movie and show you the sample of the kind of movie you can expect from us.


Before the d-day for the filming session, My Paris Movie confirms with you all the details (meeting point, hours...) for a better organization.

Filming session

You choose the option you prefer. Then you don't have any pressure of duration and we only have one request : just enjoy your visit!


You watch your finalized movie with your producer to check the work we did. The delivery is done on USB device before you come back home.


Our movie will probably be one of your best memory ever. Your satisfaction regarding our production is primordial.


The filming session occurs the same day. Editing and travelling time are not included in the number of hours needed for the filming session on the field. Feel free to contact us for any personalized service.

1 monument
(between 2 & 4 hours needed)


Starting from the choosen monument

Ending around the choosen monument

- - - - -

- - - - -

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2 monuments
(between 4 & 6 hours needed)


Starting from the choosen monument

Ending around the second monument

One walk near the Seine and on a bridge

- - - - -

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3 monuments
(between 7 & 9 hours needed)


Starting from your accomodation

Ending where you want to

One walk near the Seine and on a bridge

One break in a café

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Leonardo da Vinci

"What gives nobility to a thing is eternity."


At your disposal

We will be happy to discuss your needs.